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Started by jwhiz56, April 22, 2022, 06:02:48 PM

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we select a 'full ban', and ban on on IP address, email and username.  is this an 'AND' condition or an 'OR' condition.  ie, suppose we ban, [email protected], jwhiz1956.  if the same IP comes in with a different email and different userid, will it ban automatically?  or do we need to setup individual bans, once for IP, once for email and once for userid?  this is under smf 1.1.20.

please, no responses saying we need to upgrade smf.  the upgrade to 2.0 has been tried in the past and there is something about our forum that won't allow the upgrade to occur. 

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It's an OR ban.

Though depending on version unsupported of PHP you may be on, it might not work properly (and won't be fixed)

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Quote from: jwhiz56 on July 10, 1970, 09:10:49 PMplease, no responses saying we need to upgrade smf.

You need to upgrade.  1.1 branch will have problems with php versions higher than 5.4, which went eol in 2015 and is unsupported and insecure.  Depending on your host, at some point you'll be forced up to a version that will kill your forum altogether.  Any forum can be upgraded, if you require assistance post a request in Help Wanted.  Better to do it while forum is still running.
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Also if you're having problems upgrading we will gladly assist you with that. At this point it's either upgrade or be stuck on outdated unsupported software. At some point support for 1.1 will end entirely and you won't be able to get support here at all.
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He can't be too worried about it. 24 days later and he still hasn't been back.
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