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SMF 2.1.2 Released

Started by Sesquipedalian, May 09, 2022, 12:33:55 PM

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Quote from: on July 21, 2022, 02:09:38 AMWe took our forum down about 15 months ago because "reasons."  It was using 2.0.17 at the time.  I didn't pay any attention to SMF while we were down.  We happily were able to bring our forum back online yesterday, fully updated to 2.1.2, which I had never seen in action.  I just thought I'd post here and give a tip of the hat to all of the people who worked to make 2.1 happen.  It's such a radical advance from 2.0 and it really surprised me how much more advanced it is.  I haven't had a ton of time to mess with 2.1 yet, but every time I log in I find another example of something that has improved.  Very nicely done.
Thank you for the kind words.


That was the most comprehensive, and well deserved thank you I think I've ever read.  :)
DO NOT pm me for support!


Thank you all team for their work


More than 20 years using this platform - always elegant and efficient. Now lightning-fast too.

Thank you for the life-long service, guys. And I mean it. Many of those who shared their thoughts 20 years ago have sadly passed away, but the memory of them is still alive. Thanks to SMF.

Edit: removed link to your forum. This is not the place to advertise. ~ Steve


Thank you very much for the improvements. It's a really great script.


Just my 2c worth.

I've been a multi forum admin for a couple of decades now. From a "clunky" beginning, SMF has matured into my goto forum s/ware. Open source and free, what's not to love?

Great job SMF team, thank you.