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Authenticated and Unauthenticated Status in User Profiles for SMF 2.1

Started by Michael Vail, May 19, 2022, 03:07:54 AM

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Michael Vail

Today I was was looking a some user profiles on my SMF 2.1.2 forum and noticed there is a small gray dot on the bottom corner of nearly every user's avatar. When I hover my mouse over the gray dot, it says "user xxx is unauthenticated" I figured out that this means these members are not logged in because when I looked at my avatar it had a green dot instead and it says I'm logged in.

To avoid confusion for basic users, maybe consider showing authenticated users as online and unauthenticated users as "offline" instead like SMF 2.0 was?


Must be your theme being weird, the default theme and language pack for 2.1 is the same as 2.0 and uses the terms "online" and "offline".

Speed King

You use "Avatars Display Integration" mod, just uninstall to restore default behavior :)


You can change the text in that mod (evidently).  I use the mod and mine says "is logged in" or "is not logged in".

EDIT: Can't find that setting though... my guess would be that somehow a language file got tweaked or something.

Michael Vail


Thank you guys. Speed King is spot on in that I have the 'Avatars Display Integration' mod installed and its settings were causing this issue.

FizzleFried was correct as well. There is a setting that controls how the online status appears.
QuoteOption: Add connection status as icon overlay on avatar if user is online or unauthenticated...

Dropdown menu options for setting:
- for both options
- only if logged in
- please do not
Something must have changed in the default settings with this Mod between SMF 2.0 and 2.1. Until I upgraded to 2.1 a month or so ago, I never saw this behavior. In fact, I don't even recall seeing the mod settings before. Sorry for wasting your time. Ironically, this same mod displays the online / offline status of members in this profiles too and I had posted about that as well wasting even more of your time. So sorry about that.

I found the settings for the Mod in the Attachments and Avatars Admin area. The mod is rich with features and I was able to correct this behavior and the other one I didn't like with the click of a box. I attached an image of the settings area in case someone else finds this post and needs help.

Thanks again and have a great week!