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Started by Arantor, June 03, 2022, 09:35:42 AM

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Drafts are one of the best new features in 2.1 for people who don't always complete their post in one sitting. But they're not consistently available here, which doesn't encourage the showcase aspect of this site so well.

(Personally I'd also default autosaving to on, but that's just me)

Some of them are really weird, e.g. the parent board for a language support doesn't, but sub-boards sometimes do, or how Bridges and Integrations does, but Coding Discussion doesn't. I get the Testing Board not enabling it though.

The following boards enable it - all others don't:
Private board 31
Private board 44
Private board 24
Private board 29
Private board 141
Private board 36
Support Helpers (177)
SMF Documentation Help (202)
Language Specific Support ► Български (Bulgarian) (186)
Language Specific Support ► 中文 (Chinese) ► 繁體中文 (Chinese Traditional) (215)
Language Specific Support ► Čeština (Czech) (181)
Language Specific Support ► فارسی (Farsi) ► قالب ها (Themes) (230)
Language Specific Support ► فارسی (Farsi) ► بسته ها (Mods) (231)
Language Specific Support ► Magyar (Hungarian) ► SMF Testreszabás (238)
Language Specific Support ► Magyar (Hungarian) ► GY.I.K. - Tutoriálok (239)
Language Specific Support ► Magyar (Hungarian) ► Bemutatóterem (240)
Language Specific Support ► Português (Portuguese) ► Tutoriais (188)
Language Specific Support ► Português (Portuguese) ► Modificações (Mods) (189)
Language Specific Support ► Português (Portuguese) ► Temas (190)
Language Specific Support ► Română (Romanian) (184)
Language Specific Support ► اردو (Urdu) (187)
Private board 123
Bridges and Integrations (33)
Building Your Community and other Forum Advice (116)
Private board 253
Private board 103
Chit Chat (5)
Joke Board! (40)
Video Game Stuff (56)
Site Comments, Issues and Concerns (19)
Hosts, Hosting and Commercial Services (4)
Hosts, Hosting and Commercial Services ► Hosting Requests (159)
Hosts, Hosting and Commercial Services ► Reviews (158)
Scripting Help (8)
Help Wanted (not for support) (50)
Help Wanted (not for support) ► Help Available (51)

Might be a sign of needing to simplify board permissions a touch?

Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen

This is most likely just something that wasn't thoroughly checked when drafts were enabled.
We have a few things that I have been meaning to go through, but for technical reasons I have been held back from doing so until recently.
This is NOT to say that I disagree with the notion of maybe needing to simplify things a bit.
"Before you allow people access to your forum, especially in an administrative position, you must be aware that that person can seriously damage your forum. Therefore, you should only allow people that you trust, implicitly, to have such access." -Douglas

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