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Started by FrizzleFried, June 08, 2022, 10:12:37 AM

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QUESTION: Is it normal behavior for everyone to 'lose' the cool top bar that has the link to the customization site when dropping in to the "community" forums?  Even the titlebar for BOTH the forum and the customization site take me to the forum. 

Basically,  anytime I drop in to the forum,  I lose the ability to click through to the customization site UNLESS I go in to the address bar and remove everything after ...

That seems to be the only way to get to the customization site once inside the forum.

Is this just me or is this by design or just a flaw in how things work here?

I'd think that if it were possible,  the best option would be to keep that customization top bar even when dropping in to the forums... I suspect that's a NO-GO.  The second best option would be to click through back to the customization site when clicking the SMF title at top left.... no?


What device are you using? I see the full top bar on my iPad in landscape but the bar folds up in portrait to just a three-bar menu on the right hand side.


Windows 10 PC / Chrome

This is my view when I visit

You cannot view this attachment.

A soon as I click COMMUNITY... or even the logo at top left... the to bar changes to:

You cannot view this attachment. which time I have no way to get back to the customization site OTHER than to remove all the text after in the address bar.  This has been the way it's been working for me since the word go... I've just not gotten annoyed with it enough to post about it until this morning.


FWIW... while GUEST,  that top bar remains the same.  Once I log in (both in Chrome and Firefox) the cool top bar with all the links switches to the standard SMF top bar when I drop in to the forums.


Weird, works as expected for me.


That IS weird being this happens with both Chrome ... and Firefox (and I don't ever use Firefox).

I have no idea how that happens.

Anyone else experience this behavior or am I special?

I just cleared all cookies..

Of course when I came to I was logged out.  I clicked COMMUNITY and the bar remains on top (as it did before as Guest).  I log back in and...

...back to the stock SMF top bar.



You're definitely special :)

More practically though, any common extensions between the Chrome and the Firefox?


As arantor says, I think you are the only one seeing the issue...

Please do not PM, IM or Email me with support questions.  You will get better and faster responses in the support boards.  Thank you.

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Ublock Origin + Tampermonkey.  I just disabled them.  Same situation.

Honestly,  it's not a big enough of a deal to waste much more time on it though.  I'll just do what I've been doing since the get-go.

Maybe someone can explain then how it is that I am writing this post from my SONS COMPUTER which Windows 10 was installed LAST WEEK and has exactly 3 things added to it... Chrome, Classic Shell (for the start menu) and QUAKE.

That's it.  I am gettin the EXACT same behavior.

This copy of Chrome on his computer is a clean copy.  No plugins at all.

Same behavior.

This is NOT related to my computer or my browser.  Hell,  my own PC uses a VPN and my sons is not so it's not IP related  either.

Just sayin... something associated with my account is causing this.  I can't come up with any other explanation.

Can y'all?

Again... to be clear...

Clean copy of Windows 10

Clean copy of Chrome (no plugins at all)

Same issue.


Now I am back to my own PC.  I hate to say it guys,  but it's not an issue on my end that I can come up with.    You can see that I even posted from two different IP addresses (due to the VPN).  CAN this be an issue on my end at this point?


Maybe your account here is frizzled.

Or fried.


...and to really drive the issue home.  I am now on a 3rd computer.  Again,  never once visited with this computer (it's my music production PC out in the garage).  The PC is very basic with only music production software on it... that said I DO run ad block software here.

Same issue.

I am going to REALLY drive the issue home because i am going to install Firefox for the first time on this PC solely to completely eliminate this end being the issue...


Back!  Freshly installed version of firefox on a PC that has never had firefox... and guess what guys...

Yup... same issue.

I think i've eliminated the issue being on this end.  Please correct me if I am wrong.


Create a spare account here and try that?


Naw... it's more entertaining letting the powers that be try to figure out WTF is goig on.


In all reality it's not that big of a deal... but being that "IT" always blames the user first... I always enjoy proving them wrong...

Those bastards at Centurylink always did that when you called `em for tech support.

Besides... I just made SMF Hero, damnit!  I don't wanna lose that!  :D

You almost did lose it because of serial posting and post merges.  Please do not keep serial posting every few minutes.  Modify your posts instead.  Posts merged accordingly - Iris.


The only difference I could have thought of at this point is the Community Support Helper group, but I just left the group and that's not it.

This is *weird*.

@SleePy anything you can shed light on?

Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen

Do a hard refresh and tell me if it changed. You had specified a different theme than default, as one of only 6 people on this forum

@SleePy do we have a reason to keep both selectable? Or does the other theme need fixing?
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Quote from: Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen on June 08, 2022, 02:51:46 PMDo a hard refresh and tell me if it changed. You had specified a different theme than default, as one of only 6 people on this forum

@SleePy do we have a reason to keep both selectable? Or does the other theme need fixing?

Well there you go!   That was it!  I would suggest removing that theme.


Thank you Aleksi...


So, your account was indeed frizzled, but not fried ;)