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PHP and passwords

Started by lather, June 14, 2022, 04:41:25 PM

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I am converting an online app I coded 10 years ago using Access and Active Server Pages. I am converting to MySQL and PHP, learning as I go along. I have about 50 users that I migrated from Access to MySQL. The old passwords work and updating is functional. But when I register a new test user the test user's password is changed to "my_password". I am reading now about password hashing which I had never heard of before now although I was aware that the password in my SMF database are encrypted. But I am wondering how and why my test passwords are all getting changed to "my_password".


It's hard to say what could be causing that without seeing the code you're using.
Michael Eshom
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Thanks for the reply. I am on a road trip now. Will post code when I get back.