Mod site bug: cannot handle iurl anchors in mod description.

Started by Antechinus, August 29, 2022, 04:57:28 AM

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Test case:

The iurl's for the anchors were entered with the anchor ID only.
Code (Example) Select
This has been checked, and double checked, by me.
Despite this, on saving the edited description the iurl's are all forced to this format:
That is on the mod description page.

In the OP of the mod's support thread (which is auto-loaded via the mod site) things are even worse. Those iurl's all get forced to this format:;sa=edit;mod=3661#SBreadme1
This is a total balls up. Shouldn't happen. It should just accept the anchor ID as given.
You haz a bug. Enjoy. :)


The "post_" part gets added to the anchor name automatically to prevent it from interfering with any other anchors on the page. I agree that it shouldn't mess up the post though.
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