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Simple MySQL query

Started by worldfiddler, September 22, 2022, 03:58:59 PM

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I am trying to find a way for a forum owner to run a few queries to extract some data for me, basically all the posts and comments I've made on that forum and output it all to a csv file.

He has database access and admin rights etc, but he not a programmer/coder as such. He referred me to this group for some help.

I'm just wanting to get the syntax correct. I can get the correct table names and fields later.

Assuming the table is [member_posts], containing field [member_name], should this query work?

SELECT * FROM member_posts WHERE member_name = 'worldfiddler'

Thanks in advance!


Sir Osis of Liver

Posts are in the messages table, default table prefix is smf_, so it would be smf_messages unless another prefix was used.  You can use poster_name or id_member to find yours.
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Thank you. I'll get him to try that.


Yep, it worked OK.


Doug Heffernan

Glad to hear that it worked. Marking this as solved.