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Post chronology messed up after conversion phpbb2 => smf 2.0.19

Started by ladyquack, October 28, 2022, 07:33:03 PM

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Hi! I recently converted my forum from Jcink/IPB 1.3 => phpbb2 => smf 2.0.19. All in all, the conversions worked great and there were no major issues, however I've noticed several posts are out of order in various threads. These threads weren't merged with other topics and appear in the correct order on our pre-pre-conversion board.

Forum link: [nofollow]
Example of post chronology issue: This topic [nofollow]. This reply [nofollow] should actually be the first post of the topic.


you have some mods and possibly other code changes and a custom theme, we have no way to know if any of those changes may have any impact on this. i would suggest you test with a clean set of files and see if that fixes the issue.