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'Convert to MEDIUMTEXT' doesn't work as of SMF 2.1.3

Started by Vlado202, November 22, 2022, 05:43:39 PM

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Before 2.1.3. when I went to Forum Maintenance and clicked the "Run task now" button under "Convert to MEDIUMTEXT it worked perfectly, but after I updated my forum I just get this error popping up:
QuoteInvalid default value for 'body'
File: /home/u*********/domains/
Line: 365

(I of course removed some private information from the File Path & replaced it with placeholders, but should be clear enough...)..

And I don't know how to fix it without reverting back to an older version.

I also tried changing the value 'body' in the ManageMaintenance.php file, in that case it says it has completed the conversion, but when I try and set my max character number per post to unlimited (0) it still says that my DB isn't configured / isn't converted to MEDIUMTEXT..


Have you tried changing the value using a database tool such as phpmyadmin?
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This is a valid bug.


You should only need to do this function once ever per forum.  I would suggest doing this in a tool like phpmyadmin. 

The following should work:
ALTER TABLE smf_messages CHANGE COLUMN `body` `body` mediumtext NOT NULL
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Yes, it did indeed fix it and is now working perfectly!