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Mod for adding text to the post

Started by Rick53, November 28, 2022, 09:07:25 AM

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I'm looking for a modification that gives the user the option of adding a predefined text to the edit field. Preferably with an icon in the BBC bar. It should only be an addition to the post text. If the user does not want it, he can do without it.

I have a forum with tour descriptions. The users enter their experiences here. If anyone wants additions, they should click on the BBC icon. Then my text specifications are entered into the post.


Is there a similar modification?
I have already tested Custom Form Mod. It's not what I'm looking for.


What about SMF Post Prefix? It won't give you icons itself but it may do the rest of what you're looking for.

I use it and love it.
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I think the OP is asking for a mod that inserts buttons to the editor toolbar which add text into the editor.
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why note use the custom forms mod?

That way, you have defined fields to fill in, and the post gets made with your pre-defined format displaying the preface text and the field values that you tell it to do...

e.g. On one site I support, I have a "contact us" form that posts the details to a staff-only board.
on another site, I have used the form to allow people to post recipes in a standardized format.

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There are several mods that let you create custom bbc codes, you may be able to use one of them -;search=custom+bbc
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Perhaps this is the mod you are looking for
It's not available for 2.1 at the moment

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Thank you for your answers. I will now test all the mods mentioned.