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Login verification notification in error log

Started by Julius_2000, January 02, 2023, 08:36:05 AM

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Happy New Year to you all!

I've just got a minor question for understanding purposes. Ever since I turned on Error Log for the new 2.1.3 update, I regularly get notifications about failed logins due to pending email verification by obvious bot accounts that try to access the forum.
So I'm wondering whether that means that these bots actually answered our verification questions sucessfully during the registration process and just didn't verify via their fake email accounts or whether this signals that they didn't even get past that hurdle in the first place?

After I had read a topic and some suggestions somewhere on here concerning spam accounts, I changed the verification questions to two word answers in the hopes this would reduce bots (it somehow does as they apparently don't verify).


Failed login means that the account actually got created,  which,  in turn, means that the questions WERE  answered.

You need a pool of 20-30 questions (ask 1-2 on reg) and need to change them every year or two.
I have questions with a one word answer... so two words won't hurt, but it's not required

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Pretty interesting that these bot accounts register but don't verify then. Before 2.1.3 we were inundated by spammers but now they don't seem to bother to follow through..