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After changed ICQ number setting, my webpage gone down

Started by Halfway233, December 10, 2022, 09:39:21 PM

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I was setting my forum, then I saw ICQ numbers section and wanted to disable it.
As soon as I disabled it, my forum never opened again, while connecting it is said as:
"This site can't be reached"

Even I cannot connect to my Cpanel.
And don't know what to do.

I was using 2.1.3 patch btw

Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen

If you can't even reach your cpanel, it is not just something wrong with SMF.
If you can't get to your hosting control panel, please reach out to your host and ask them to look at what went wrong.


"Before you allow people access to your forum, especially in an administrative position, you must be aware that that person can seriously damage your forum. Therefore, you should only allow people that you trust, implicitly, to have such access." -Douglas

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