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Cannot install mods

Started by Kurogane, January 27, 2023, 11:16:50 AM

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I have upgraded 2.0.17 to 2.0.19 without issue, i did this a couples weeks ago.

Now when i try to install a mod i'm unable to do it because this error.

Package upload failed due to the following error:
"Although the package was downloaded to the server it appears to be empty. Please check the Packages directory, and the "temp" sub-directory are both writable. If you continue to experience this problem you should try extracting the package on your PC and uploading the extracted files into a subdirectory in your Packages directory and try again. For example, if the package was called shout.tar.gz you should:
1) Download the package to your local PC and extract it into files.
2) Using an FTP client create a new directory in your "Packages" folder, in this example you may call it "shout".
3) Upload all the files from the extracted package to this directory.
4) Go back to the package manager browse page and the package will be automatically found by SMF."

I don't have any issue previously and proof i upgrade to 2.0.19 but now i'm unable.

Yes if you ask, i have tmp and package folder 777, server side i not see any error the only error i see is from smf itself and nothing more, also if i upload the mod via ftp still not see the mod i upload in packager.

There are anyway to debug more detail of this error.


Which mod? Or is it any mod?
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I use WinSCP to download Packages rather than ftp. Is the ownership of the Packages directory the same as your other SMF directories ?

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Quote from: Kurogane on January 27, 2023, 11:16:50 AMPlease check the Packages directory, and the "temp" sub-directory are both writable.

Did you look into this?


this is a topic that got bumped up today, the op has not logged in since Feb.