Approve Member (Admin approval) not working

Started by shorel, January 30, 2023, 05:23:39 PM

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I have recently installed SMF 2.1.3 and used the converter tool to import a phorum5 forum.

Apart from a few snags all is working as expected.  I am unable, however, to approve new members.

I have set the option for Admin approval and when a new member signs up I am notified through the Members Awaiting Approval interface.  When selecting the user for approval I am routed to the User Profile summary page with the option "Account is not approved (approve)"
On clicking this link I am routed back to to the Awaiting Approval Interface and no approval takes place.

I would appreciate advice if anyone has solved a similar issue

Many thanks


Just to clarify - the option described previously does still not work, however, there is a feature to select the member from a list using a selection or tick box.  A drop down menu is available at the foot of the list from which a few different options are available. Once the selection is made then a submit option triggers the task.