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hook order integrate_verify_user / integrate_logout

Started by danielrichter, January 30, 2023, 03:46:37 PM

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Is it possible to run the integrate_logout hook even when the integrate_verify_user hook is active?

I've registered both hooks and placed a simple


into each hook (head).

The integrate_verify_user hook is triggered even if I click hit the logout route.
integrate_verify_user is used to read user id from an external application and perform login, but for sure, this won't make sense on logout route.

My idea was to implement a logout functionality into both apps (SMF and the external application).
-Is this possible or is it required to perform "logout" logic on only one side of the applications?

Both hooks are registered and active (checked from ACP).


I think you misunderstand; the logout hook isn't 'log me out from an external source', it's 'when the user logs out, notify an external source'. It's driven from SMF receiving the logout action - which also requires the user to be logged in first to be able to log them out. So by definition it *can only* run when integrate_verify_user is active.

Every page load, the user will be validated if they are logged in to your other app - so you only need to make sure that if they hit logout in SMF, your other app is notified and that they are logged out there too.
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