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Editor max height blocked ? (2.1.3)

Started by Zatalyz, March 20, 2023, 06:02:50 AM

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In the editor mode, I can't modify the height of the writing area beyond a certain height (432;5px precisely).

With firefox inspector I find the good place :
<div class="sceditor-container ltr sourceMode" style="width: 841px; height: 432.5px;">

But I don't understand where this max-height is stated.

In jquery.sceditor.smf.js, I comment this part :
/*document.querySelector(".sceditor-container textarea").style.height = options.height;
document.querySelector(".sceditor-container textarea").style.flexBasis = options.height;*/

But it changes nothing...

Have you an idea ? I really don't understand JS and Jquery...

My forum is in 2.1.3.


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Thank you very much, I had missed this plugin !

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