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2.1.3 Sitemap Quetion

Started by blackhawk10, March 29, 2023, 05:32:04 PM

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Hello all,

Does 2.1.3 have any kind of sitemap or robots.txt file set up?
I seee there is a sitemap mod available, but only for vers. 2.0
I am setting up a fresh install and want it to be optimized for the google and
Bing crawlers.



I believe the only current mod that can do such is the Optimus mod. It does a bunch of other SEO things too.

That said you don't *need* a site map for Google & Bing to crawl. They're perfectly capable of doing so without any help (and have been for many years)


Am wondering if a sitemap is even needed. The crawlers are already visiting.
I hope they are able to index the posts properly  :D


Ok, sounds good. I will check that mod out.

Thanks  :D


Thanks, I had the same question.


@Arantor that mod was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks