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Problem encdoage from SMF to phpbb

Started by persoblog, April 07, 2023, 05:08:27 PM

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Good morning,
I migrated an SMF forum to phpbb but I have errors I have [attachimg=1]
which happens on the attached photos how can I correct it? [nofollow] [nofollow]

it looks like attachmig is having a problem and quote encoding doesn't seem to be the same.
I tried to upgrade to see from SMF to the latest version of SMF and the attachmig is present.

For the transition from smf to phpbb I have version 2.0.19 of smf and that of phpbb used for the conversion and 3.0.9[nofollow] [nofollow].

What to do is there a way to edit directly through the database so it can support I need your help.

Here is also a capture of SMF to its latest version and as you can see there is the attachmig image problem that appears, is this code an integral part of SMF having taken over the forum for its migration I don't know if a mod could have been the origin of this attachmig



If you want to know about migrating to phpBB, you will have to ask at their site. It is not SMF's problem if phpBB's converter does not work.