[mod] Amazon S3 for Attachments

Started by vbgamer45, May 10, 2023, 12:16:15 AM

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S3 System for SMF adds Amazon's S3 support for the attachment system SMF for storing and displaying attachments. Useful for forums with large number of attachments and can save money on hosting/hosting resources by using Amazon's S3

Supports SMF 2.1.x (MySQL), SMF 2.0.x (MySQL)


    Stores your forums attachments and attachments thumbnails on Amazon S3
    Files are stored securely on Amazon S3 with a private ACL
    File links are only valid for one hour via a signed link
    Attachments that are deleted are also deleted on S3 if they are linked
    Sync system to automatically copy existing attachments to your S3 Bucket via a cron job.
    S3 Indicator in attachments section in SMF
    And more!

No sales/interest in two years so maybe someone can find a use of it. No support provided.
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