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Site Moved Issues

Started by bynw, June 01, 2023, 07:18:23 AM

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I have recently moved one of my SMF sites to a new host. I followed the instructions from here:

I copied the files. I uploaded the database as per hosts instructions, I changed the details that needed to be changed in the Settings.php file. The DNS is also changed to point to the new provider.

And I get nothing but a blank page when attempting to access the forum.
I tried uploading the repair_settings.php file and running that but also get a blank page as well.

It would seem that the forum is not accessing the database but I don't know why yet.

Is there anything else that I can attempt?


you need to change the database information in Settings.php to meet your new location's setup...
this is generally best done using repair_settings.php

Set the base paths, urls and database to meet your new server's setup

then save

then run it AGAIN to set the other paths and urls (avatars, attachments, etc) which are stored in the database (and therefore can not get set on the first run through)

If you are getting a blank page, it's not because your installation can not reach the database (that's a different error)
A blank page is a SERVER side failure....  you need to look at the SERVER error logs to figure out the cause...
I'm betting file permissions

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Thanks for the info @Kindred

Turns out it was a bad import of the database. So that's been resolved.
Ran the repair tool and all is well with it now.


I spoke a little too soon as I'm making sure everything is working with the move and ran across that the Admin> Main> Package Manger> File Permissions page is blank when it loads up.

But so far otherwise everything else seems to be working at the moment. *crosses fingers*