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Alerts 404 error

Started by Chyandour, June 14, 2023, 04:28:35 AM

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I'm getting a 404 from links to posts in Alerts. The posts exist if I search for them, but the link in Alerts to new posts or replies always goes to a 404.  Any clue as to a possible cause.

Forum version: SMF 2.1.4

Installed Mods:
Spoof Detector
Post as Another Member
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SMF 2.1.4 Update
Separate the Sticky Topics
Simple Audio Video Embedder
Login Menu Button
Enhanced Quick Reply
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Pretty URLs
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FancyBox 4 SMF

Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen

Can you check the links from your alerts, what do they look like, is there anything odd about the links?

The links should look like this I think
(links below are to imaginary content, and the last one should give an error if clicked here):

- To view all alerts;area=showalerts
- To view a specific alert;area=showalerts;alert=12345;
- To view the post directly through the link in the alerts list
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Many thanks for the reply.

The Alert URL looks like this: [nofollow]

The [nofollow] part of the URL takes you to the topic OK, so I guess it's the /new/index.php?topicseen#new part that's causing the problem.

I have tried uninstalling the mod and removing the data, then reinstalling, but no change.


looks like a problem with pretty urls

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Many thanks, you are correct.

Uninstalled Pretty URLs deleting data , and Alerts 404 problem went away, all Alert URLs worked. Reinstalled Pretty URLs and the problem returned. So I guess Pretty URLs and Notify Board Reply mods don't play nicely with each other.

Pretty URLs is a must, so I guess Notify Board Reply has to go.