Please HELP (urgently)! Mid Conversion - "MySQL Server has gone away"

Started by MartyHunter, June 15, 2023, 08:44:10 PM

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I am running VB3.7 to SMF converter. It was going really nicely, was on "Converting attachments" when it suddenly reports "MySQL server has gone away". There are no buttons I can click on, not sure what to do. Should I refresh the page or could that mess things up? (It's not budging so not much to lose now?!)

Does this mean the conversion process is ruined and I have to start again? If so, how do I do that? Do I need to wipe the SMF installation and go back to installing from scratch?

Grateful for any advice please.


That's a server-level problem. It means that the MySQL instance suddenly and unexpectedly became unreachable. The good news is that this error is usually temporary. If you see if repeatedly, though, you should talk to your host about the problem.

You can try refreshing the page to resume the converter. It may be able to pick from where it left off. If it can't, it will probably let you know in no uncertain terms, and you will need to restart from scratch.
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Thanks very much. Things progressed. It failed 10 times, when trying to convert "Attachments". The MySQL db is 1.6GB. I don't know anything about databases and have no idea how (if possible at all) to shrink it down.
It looks like the issue is my being on GoDaddy hosting (soon to be changed, but not until converted to SMF), and they don't allow editing of mysql server timeouts in the relevant file. A huge pain in the youknowwhat.

Any ideas appreciated!