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Search problems...

Started by MartyHunter, August 13, 2023, 07:03:44 PM

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On our forum if I search for ".338" (without quotes) I only get ONE result, yet there are hundreds of posts with .338 in. If I instead search for "338" (without period), I get many pages of results (as I'd expect).
Is the dot causing issues, and if so, can it be addressed manually in our case, as our site deals with many rifle calibres and unfortunately they all begin with a dot. :D


Have you tried find and repair errors? Which search index do you use? Is the option to match only whole words set?

Does your search query work with quotes?

Sir Osis of Liver

Hmm, am able to replicate somewhat.  Two topics containing .338, search only returns one.  Three topics it returns two.  Search for 338 it returns all three, then returns all three for either one after that.
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I cannot reproduce this.  I am getting all of my ".38"s, in all search methods. 

Note that search results are cached, per search term, for a while. 

So...  If you are adding posts with your search terms AFTER a search, to see if they get picked up, they probably won't show up...

Note also that .009 is treated as a different term than ".009".  So if .009 fails, ".009" might work immediately after (if you hadn't used it earlier).

You gotta factor the above when testing...  What appear to be inconsistencies, are often the result of comparing cached results to current results.

(The cached search info is partly in your session, & partly in log_search_results.  The quickest way to clear your search cache?  Search for something else...  Alternate between searching for giraffes & .38s.)
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Sir Osis of Liver

Emptied log_search_results, started new session (closed/opened browser), seeing same thing.  Search does not return new topics/posts containing .338 until I search 338, then I get all of them searching either string.  2.1.4 core install.
     She is happy where she lies
     With the dust upon her eyes.


Firstly, and most importantly, I have just GOT it! But that, i mean the username of the previous poster.


Secondly, yep, I can't seem to find a way around this. It's a real pain. If there were ever a solution, I'd love to know! Thanks


I somewhat have experienced similar issues with the search function. In my case, using the standard search settings, I would not get all posts (especially older ones) containing a certain word I looked for. But when enabling "Show results as messages", I would nearly get all of them. Perhaps you give that one a try? I would be curious to know if that might have any effect in your case.


Nothing to lose, will give it a try and report back. Thanks