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About SSI & Images

Started by sivaci2754, August 20, 2023, 05:39:52 AM

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Currently I'm thinking in put a jQuery slider on my SMF. So I learned a bit about SSI, but not enough to solve my doubt.

I noticed that SSI is able to show me the latest posts of a section that I choose, but I found nothing about getting content from that section, such as an image.

e.g. I create a new topic with awesome news and with an image in the "XYZ" section, I would like the SSI check the latest posts in the "XYZ" section and then return the image it contains.

Is it possible? If the answer is positive, how can I do it?


It's not possible using only ssi.

You would have to write extra code that takes the ssi result and then goes back to the database, looks for, and returns the attachments associated with the post (original ssi result)

If you are talking about an inline image from another location (e.g. not an inline attachment) then it becomes more difficult.

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Example that effect? When multiple photos make a slideshow using slick carousel.