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Newsletter option for HTML is misleading

Started by Mareid, August 31, 2023, 09:18:55 AM

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I created a newsletter and formatted it using the formatting icons in the menu.  I clicked the "send in HTML" option and then did a preview.  It looked perfect, but it didn't send it in HTML, it sent it raw, althought it looked like some or all of the bb code was stripped out.  Based on Kindred's response I recoded it using html tags instead of BB tags and then sent it and it came out perfectly.

It would be helpful if it were clearer that one has to manually enter the HTML code, that you can't format it as you normally would a message.

What I ended up doing was copying the bb encoded text to a text editor and changing the bb tags to HTML tags then pasting the text into the newsletter box.  It was awkward but doable. Making this a little easier would be nice, but at the very least documenting it would be great.

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It does say "Send in HTML format. (with this you can put normal HTML in the email.)", so at least it's implied that you should actually use HTML. But, perhaps to avoid confusion, it should be mentioned somewhere on that editor page that BBC does not work with emails - At all?

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What we should probably do is completely remove the editor interface and only allow a text-box....

Alternatively, (more work) we need to convert BBC to HTML when the newsletter is generated.

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Parsing BBC in the input might actually be less work. I'd have to look at the relevant code first, though. The disclaimer in my signature emphatically applies. ;)
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We could also include and enable the html formatter in the editor.