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Converting from e107 CMS to ezPortal or TinyPortal?

Started by MrMike, September 03, 2023, 02:44:01 PM

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I'm currently running SMF 2.1.4, fresh install, virtually no mod or extra packages.

I have an old old old e107 CMS database that I want to convert over to either the ezPortal or TinyPortal mod and use it as a simple CMS in place of the e107 system (which is a behemoth, really).

The content will be 99.9% static with only one admin or author for all the content. My goal is to setup a simple set of categories for the pages, transfer the content, and then it'll likely sit as-is, no real updates going forward.

I can write a script to pull the correct fields from the e107 DB into the DB for either ezPortal or TinyPortal, whichever one I use. And that's where my question is: which one would be better for a basic CMS with categories and maybe an FAQ section?

They both look great to me, but I'm wondering if anyone with some personal experience (or example sites) could weigh in with which one they prefer, and why. 

That is, why would I/should I pick ezPortal over TinyPortal, or vice versa?


I always recommend to test both on a test site with the feature(s) you are looking for.

Both are good portal mods, so it really is personal preference...
Running SMF 2.1 with latest TinyPortal at


Of the two, which one has easier category and article management in your estimation?

Do either of them have a feature that makes them standout, or...?


I looked at both ezPortal and TinyPortal and went with TinyPortal. They both look good but TinyPortal is just a little more of what I want.

After puzzling out which fields corresponded to which fields between e107 and TinyPortal, I did a little scripting.

I ended up exporting and then importing ~300 FAQ pages and 600+ article pages into TinyPortal after creating matching categories.

Frankly, I'm happy to leave e107 behind, what a kludge that thing is.