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How use regex?

Started by dodos26, September 03, 2023, 02:54:32 PM

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I create this regural:
But And it does what I want it to do. but I want it to search for one more group.
I don't know how to explain it, but this image will show places my expression won't find. I tried lookbehind but either I'm using it wrong or it's not doing what I expect.

Example sample for search:
Projekt X / Project X (2012) [5,63 GiB] [M/LP/DA/NPAM] [AVC 7 000 kb/s] [DTS 1 509 kb/s] [AC-3 640 kb/s]
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[Animowane] » [Full HD (1080p)]   
topic    Wilk z Wall Street / The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) [13,99 GiB] [LP] [AVC 10.5 Mb/s] [AC-3 640 kb/s]
[Biograficzne] » [Full HD (1080p)]   
Obecność Trylogia / The Conjuring Trilogy (2013 - 2021) [46,01 GiB] [DA DM LM LP Mj NM] [AVC 28.8 Mb/s][AC-3 448 kb/s - 640 kb/s][MLP FBA 16-ch 3 857 kb/s - 8 283 kb/s][AAC LC 309 kb/s]
[Horror‎] » [HD (720p)]
topic    Limitless (2015–2016) [34,79 GiB] [LP] [AVC 4 831 kb/s] [AC-3 384 kb/s]
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topic    Jestem Bogiem / Limitless (2011) [3,08 GiB] [LP] [MPEG-4 Visual 3 577 kb/s] [AC-3 640 kb/s]
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The Naked Gun Trylogia (1988 - 1994) [7,84 GiB] [LP] [MPEG-4 Visual 4 058 kb/s] [AC-3 192 kb/s]


Get familiar with this site:

It allows you to test a regex live.

I use it all the time for testing new & changed regexes. 
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This answer is really so idiotic that it left me speechless.


What am I looking at? What is the goal here? What all must be matched? What should be in each individual capturing group?

Looks like some file formats and leech rates according to the image.


Quote from: dodos26 on September 03, 2023, 03:05:47 PMThis answer is really so idiotic that it left me speechless.

You failed to explain clearly what you are trying to do and what problems you have encountered. Because of that, it is difficult for others to do anything more than point you toward resources that will help you figure it out for yourself.

I happen to be quite well versed in the intricacies of regular expressions. I could probably have helped you solve your problem easily enough. But after you spoke so rudely to another member of this team and my friend, I refuse. Feel free to go solve your problems for yourself.
I promise you nothing.

Sesqu... Sesqui... what?
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Sorry to break your lock Ses but I just had to say this:

@dodos26 - this is not the first time you've insulted or been rude to a team member. The next time will be your last. Fair warning.
DO NOT pm me for support!