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[READ BEFORE POSTING!] Rules for Showcase board

Started by Steve, September 11, 2023, 01:47:19 PM

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The Showcase board is here for all members of the SMF community to show off the hard work they've done to expand an SMF forum into a true website/community solution.

Posting a link and explaining a little about your forum will allow other members of the community to post their opinions and suggestions.  A link to your forum may get you new registrations, but don't expect a large number of new members from it.

Any spam and any topics that do not meet the guidelines below will be removed.  You should not expect a great amount of registrations to your forum from creating a topic here.  Instead, create a topic for the purpose of showing off your hard work and dedication.  Please note that you need ten posts to start a topic here.

The rules for showcasing your forum have changed somewhat and we ask that all new showcase topics adhere to the following guidelines:

The Rules:
  • Please post only one topic per forum.
  • Your post must contain a link to an SMF forum.
  • To be considered for this section forums must show the SMF copyright.
  • No unedited default themes.
    • Default theme variations may be allowed at the discretion of the SMF team.
    • Simple recolorings of the default theme will likely be rejected.
    • In lieu of extensive theme changes, other noteworthy customization work may be taken in to consideration.
    • Be creative, everyone's seen the SMF default themes before.
  • You may link to your website, however your topic must contain a link to an SMF forum.
  • The topic's title should match the title of your forum.
  • You must provide a description of your forum.
  • Description Suggestions:
    • Describe the main focus of your forum in detail.
    • Describe the membership of your community.  List, for example, their ways and means, age group, hobbies, maturity, etc...
    • Describe, in detail the customizations you've made to your forum, including themes, custom coding, mods, tweaks, and other customizations.  Is there something you've achieved in building your community that you'd like to share?  Don't be afraid to be detailed, a little background on the creation of your community may lead to some discussion about it!
  • If you require anyone to login before viewing your forum, you must provide a member account to login with for viewing purposes.
  • No sites containing adult, warez, or otherwise illegal content.
  • No sites that promote or encourage trolling.

Failure to read and pay attention to the rules will result in your site NOT being approved for inclusion within this board!  Topics which do not conform to the rules after two weeks have elapsed will be removed.

Original post by metallica48423. Above approved by Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen (Project Manager).
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