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Allow any form of HTML syntax in a post

Started by Naytheet, September 16, 2023, 09:57:26 AM

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Hello, as the main admin, I'd like to use my js/html scripts in my SMF, but I see it's not possible and there is no mod allowing this. Do I have to create another mod?
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Inside a post? Or just on the forum overall? In a post you can do html tags as admin
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That would be [HTML] [/HTML]. This works for admins only, like vbgamer45 said.

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I tried it, it doesn't work when I preview the message.
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Check in the BBC settings if it's enabled.
Features and Options > Bulletin Board Code > Enable basic HTML in posts

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actually it works, lol, but I want it to deal with js too and <style> tag.

EDIT : Or maybe I can "import" a stuff from my domain, showing it within an iframe?
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can you explain exactly what you are trying to do? so far you have not told us what your exact goal is.


Actually I want to do the same of what I had before, i.e. publishing a news containing a script of mine including a whole podcast that can be played directly on in the news post. The podcast was done by me, you can see every song played in a streaming radio I'm sharing with others. The old version of the newspage is there and the forum post is there , struggled to make it work there too, so I guess I'll choose an iframe.
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I had to manually change the message in the db for the iframe to show, HTML tags didn't do the job entirely. Maybe it would deserve some MOD, but mobile phones etc. responsiveness would not be taken care of.

You can test this by editing the message in the db :

[HTML]<iframe src="..."/>[/HTML]
I realize an iframe would be for a really specific use, like a javascript with maybe some css. Thanks for the help though.
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