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Rename after migration

Started by Griffin, September 21, 2023, 12:31:01 AM

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I have had to migrate my smf installation from one hosting package to a new hosting package (same host). It was migrated for me but this left me with problems over path names.

The login username for cpanel has changed so some paths in the SMF installation need resetting. The username is a very long jumble of letters, numbers and symbols (imagine a very secure password) and impossible to remember but I am told I can't change it. It's used as the name for the smf board directory.

For example /home/old_name/public_html/myboard is now /home/new_name/public_html/myboard

I changed the three board directory settings in /myboard/settings.php but still get 404 missing error trying to access the installation.

I found repair_settings.php here and have downloaded it and suppose I need to run it as I am assuming just changing settings.php is not all that needs doing. I don't want to change the names of the actual database tables, just any references to "oldname" used for paths or stored in the database. If I run repair_settings.php will it rename actual table names or if it does, can I prevent that?

(The reason I don't want to change the table names is that the ridiculous "newname" is too long and stupid and impossible to ever remember so not good as part of table names.)

I suppose an alternative would be to re-install the SMF Board and import the table data which I have in an exported sql file but I'd rather run repair_settings if possible.

I'm so fed up with the stupid user name I am actually thinking of changing my web host!


Repair settings doesn't change database tables.
It will fix urls/and files path when changing hosts
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repair_settings.php does two things.

first run:   Update Settings.php with the correct paths, urls and database connection information to get the base system running.

save, exit
rerun repair_settings.php

second run: now that it has the correct database connection information in Settings.php -- you can use repair_settings.php to reset the paths and urls for themes, smilies, attachments, avatars (those are all stored in the database)

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