Imbedd / Attach from FB Mobile App?

Started by ColinJM, September 27, 2023, 04:03:57 AM

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I'm looking for a method of imbedding or attaching image into a post directly from the FB App used on mobiles -
easy with FB via a browser - just right click on the image, copy image address - then paste it URL field of the image attachment feature.
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I have never seen this functionality at all....    and it definitely doesn't exist in SMF as a feature or a mod...

Actually, I have no idea how one would even go about doing this, since it would SEEM to require some sort of change in the FB app - not the forum

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Thanks for the response Kindred.  8)
As I was alluding to in my first post, I'm basically looking at replicating the ability to capture an image URL in the FB Ap.Like you can when you use a browser.
I agree with your second sentence - I would not be at all surprised if MZ and his band of dark gnomes have made it difficult on purpose.
I was hoping someone might have found a work around.
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