Improving the usability of the "Active Reports" section

Started by Daretary, November 22, 2023, 07:56:16 AM

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It is very inconvenient to go into the next complaint every time to see the reason and description of the applicant.

And it's better to make the buttons at the top (above the text) rather than at the bottom.

Therefore, I suggest in the ReportedContent.template.php file after

foreach ($context['reports'] as $report)
echo '
<div class="windowbg">';

        // Reported post options
        template_quickbuttons($report['quickbuttons'], 'reported_posts');

        echo '
<div class="cat_bar" style="clear:both">
<h3 class="catbg">', $txt['mc_modreport_whoreported_title'], '</h3>

        foreach ($report['comments'] as $comment)
            echo '
<div class="windowbg">
<p class="smalltext">
', sprintf($txt['mc_modreport_whoreported_data'], $comment['member']['link'] . (empty($comment['member']['id']) && !empty($comment['member']['ip']) ? ' (' . $comment['member']['ip'] . ')' : ''), $comment['time']), '
<p>', $comment['message'], '</p>

After the text this line can be removed: template_quickbuttons($report['quickbuttons'], 'reported_posts');

This way you will save a lot of your timeand the time of your moderators!