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Question about JS and SMF version reporting

Started by Jailer, February 05, 2024, 06:59:47 PM

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Have kind of an oddball question. I've got someone working on something for me and he needs to know if there is a JS-way to determine if the browser is rendering SMF 2.0 or SMF 2.1? Is there something specific between the 2 versions that could be determined by using a "needle" when it is being rendered by the browser?

Diego Andrés

Just check the footer, it should display the current version of the forum.
Or if you go to ?action=credits

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You shouldn't rely on the footer or the credits page to sniff the version.

Probably the safest way at present is to make sure your code is loaded after script.js and check for presence of reqOverlayDiv (it's only in 2.1)