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Upgrade from old to 2.1.4

Started by deansmar, February 08, 2024, 07:45:54 AM

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morning chaps..

i have searched high and low, but not found an answer..

i have an old forum working fine on a Wampserver.. old PHP, old MariaDB

have downloaded the large Upgrade zip file, extracted it..
copyied the contents into the old forum files..

stat the upgrade

tells me that the PHP is to Old, not high enough, no problems, downloaded and installed php 8.0

now the upgrade screan is telling me that the avatars folder has to be writable to continue the upgrade. Please make sure permissions are correctly set to allow this.

does anyone have any ideas how to Chmod on Windows..!  which i didnt think was possible..

just out a matter of interest, i downloaded the full 2.1.4 version and installed that, with out any problems..

so the Problem lays in the upgrade from old to New, not in Wampserver..

Sir Osis of Liver

IIRC, you should be able to make directory writeable in Windows permissions.  Did you restart upgrade from beginning, or is it continuing from where it errored out?
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All the directory's, folders and files in the Wampservers WWW directory are and is according to windows, writeable

The first attempt of upgrading, I continued from the PHP fault, but seconds later the avatars folder fault appeared..

I then emptied the Wampserver WWW folder, copied the old forum back into the WWW folder
made sure that the forum was working properly..

Then copied the upgrade folders and data into the WWW folder..
Started the upgrade again, no PHP fault, but stopped straight away on the avatars folder fault..
Didn't even get to the login part..

At this point, I decided to install a fresh new full version of 2.1.4 no problems at all, proves the Wampservers Software, PHP, Apache, Database, myPHPadmin all work fine..

I can imagine that the maintenance mode on a live site is justified..

But I guess that the maintenance mode on a offline site is not needed, or does the maintenance mode make all directory's / folders and files writeable...?

Hope this helps..


Juricka... :o

Problem found and solved...

In the forum's configuration, there is a spot were you can enter an upload directory..

Forum / attachments & avatars / avatar settings

At the bottom of the page.. Uploadable Avatars

Use PNG for resized avatars
Upload avatars to... Specific directory... Upload directory
(should not be the same as the server-stored directory)

Upload URL

These boxes must be left empty ...

The upgrade is now trying to back things up..


Still having problems...

Got past steps 1, 2 and 3...

Sitting on step 4 changing database
Upgrade script 1 of 2
Change column names Step 1 of 41

Server not responding for 30 seconds..  try again..!

Any ideas which value needs to be increased in Wampserver..?


Not to sure what I did...

Changed a few settings in the Wampserver...

And eventually, rebooted the PC / Laptop

Then the upgrade went through the rest of the steps, through pressing the continue button

Right till the end..

When the delete upgrade files appear, the upgrade files were deleted..
But nothing else happened..
The site was left in maintenance mode, not being able to access the site to change the maintenance mode..

Downloaded the latest repair_settings for the 2.1.4

Changed the maintenance mode and everything is working fine or at least as expected.. ;)  8)


Glad to hear it. Marking solved. If you have any more questions, feel free to mark it unsolved.
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