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2.1.4 Glow BBC

Started by Alex98, February 28, 2024, 04:12:07 PM

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Hello, I hope you can help me, I'm looking on this forum and github how to make the glow option work on 2.1.4, I have it on the board, but in practice it doesn't work at all. If someone has a solution, I would be grateful


glow was deprecated because many browsers will no longer do it...

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Quote from: Kindred on February 28, 2024, 05:28:40 PMglow was deprecated because many browsers will no longer do it...
there is no way to return it?


There is an easy way to return it. Just change that BBC tag to use CSS text-shadow instead of whatever deprecated crap it used to use (can't remember offhand). This could have been done in 2.1 easily enough, but for some reason it wasn't. My guess is that this decision was made because hardly anyone ever used this tag anyway (I have never used it myself).


neither am I, but tens of members started to complain that they lack that option, they will try with css

Thanks  :)


If you really want it back, you can find these lines in Load.php and remove 'glow' from the list.

However, doing that will merely allow 'glow' to work if users manually type in the BBCode tags. If you want a toolbar button, etc., you will need to ask someone to make a modification for you.
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Incidentally, there's another way you could do it. That's by using a drop-shadow filter instead of text-shadow. The advantage is that not only will it work on text, it will also work on images that have a transparent background. Unlike CSS box-shadow, a drop-shadow filter will only put a shadow on visible pixels of the image.


Just thought: I can give a live working example using the text and images in my sig, and your browser's document inspector. Right click on the signature div > Inspect > add the following CSS to "This Element" in the "Rules" panel. :)

#msg_4170967_signature {
   filter: drop-shadow(6px 16px 0 #0007);


Problem of using TR, TD Table in signatures split off into new topic - see
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