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Something broke with the RSS feeds

Started by TurtleKicker, April 08, 2024, 12:52:31 PM

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So sometime around March 7 something broke with the RSS feeds. I had been watching the following as part of my news feed aggregator:;action=.xml;sa=news

There were no working updates since March 7.

If I go to now and check for RSS, I get a slightly different feed URL:;type=rss2;board=254

I don't know really anything about how this is handled and works. I do know that now if I put either of those feed URLs into Firefox, instead of showing the feed data it downloads the XML. Some sort of MIME issue? Might not be related. But I've tried it on 2 different computers. The downloaded XML file does contain links to recent posts but maybe the MIME issue is what's keeping my news feed aggregator (Netvibes) from parsing it?

Don't eliminate the possibility of user error, but it had been working then stopped without me making any changes. Figured I'd try posting here for assistance.


I'm not sure why you're having problems with the feed not updating. It's working fine for me (showing the most recent topics as of the time I'm typing this reply).

There is a slight difference between the two URLs you posted though. The "sa=news" one will display most recent topics, while the one without that will display most recent posts. See Getting the Most Out of SMF - XML, RSS and RSS2 (and Atom and RDF) feeds for a more detailed explanation of the various feed options.

The downloading is a Firefox thing. At some point they changed behavior to download XML instead of displaying it in the browser. You can use an extension such as RSS Preview to restore that functionality.
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