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Started by mickjav, April 28, 2024, 08:45:07 AM

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I am looking at using some code from @vbgamer45 gallery pro, there is a section I'm not sure if I need or not I'm using 2.1.14, so I suspect I don't need the $notifyData section.

I'm trying to understand the background_tasks and whether I need it or not.

Different Members will be posting through a custom UI, these posts will only be the topic post all replies will be del with in the normal way.

Does this  background_tasks take care of letting members know when a new reply has been added?

if (function_exists("notifyMembersBoard"))
                $notifyData = array(
                            'body' =>$msgOptions['body'],
                            'subject' => $msgOptions['subject'],
                            'name' => $user_info['name'],
                            'poster' => $user_info['id'],
                            'msg' => $msgOptions['id'],
                            'board' =>  $rowcat['id_board'],
                            'topic' => $topicOptions['id'],
                     // for 2.1
                        array('task_file' => 'string', 'task_class' => 'string', 'task_data' => 'string', 'claimed_time' => 'int'),
                        array('$sourcedir/tasks/CreatePost-Notify.php', 'CreatePost_Notify_Background', $smcFunc['json_encode'](array(
                            'msgOptions' => $msgOptions,
                            'topicOptions' => $topicOptions,
                            'posterOptions' => $posterOptions,
                            'type' =>  $topicOptions['id'] ? 'reply' : 'topic',
                        )), 0),


Many thanks in advance mick


I don't really understand the question.

If the goal is 'people fill in a form and this creates a topic and you want the usual notifications to be sent about that topic based on the usual rules of notifications', just pass in $msgOptions['send_notifications'] as true to createPost() and it'll do the rest for you.

If the goal is to do some custom special notifications based on a post being created, then no, none of that is what you want. Or if you want it to do something *else* when this form is processed, also no.

Background tasks are just things that get put in a queue to be run 'later'. The idea is that you can acknowledge the user's request for creation of new post, then return a response to the user immediately without having to wait for all of the notifications to be sent there and then (like you used to have to wait for all notifications/emails to go out before the save post routine would return to you)

CreatePost-Notify takes a given created post, looks for the usual notifications based on topic/board, plus quotes and mentions, and does the appropriate work.

So the question is: instead of asking 'is this how I do a thing' how about explaining what the thing is that you're trying to do *first*?


Think I understand now thanks

I won't bother to comment of rest