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Graphics and Themes FAQ

Started by Trekkie101, April 14, 2006, 07:46:07 PM

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Looking for a new look for your board?
SMF has a theme site. Please go there to look for themes as most themes are available there :)

Created a theme for SMF?
The best way to host and advertise your theme is by using our theme site. We allow you to control what files are uploaded and downloaded. Your themes will also appear in 2.0 SMF installs in the "Latest and Greatest Themes" section.

Need information on themes?
Basic Graphic FAQ
Video Theme Tutorials
How to make mods work with themes/Manually install mods

Need information on making themes?
Creating Themes for SMF 2.0
Theme Authors: Theme Approval Guidelines
Theme Strings in Themes
Themes and ripping

Looking for something else?
[Unofficial] SMF Banners Archive (Round II, Round III)
Other graphics
[SMF 2.0] How to add buttons to themes.
How to change text menus to images.
How do I add buttons to the babylon and classic style themes?
How do I set the forum width?
Ingrating your forum into your site
main_block PSD

Simple Machines.