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README: Requesting help with server configuration.


Before requesting help, please ensure you have read through the README: Checklist for performance problems topic and implemented as many of the relevent suggestions as possible.

In order to enable us to help you, if you are requesting help with a server configuration issue, we will require the following.

* A link to your forum.
* A link to your status.php - You can download it from README: Checklist for performance problems
* a link to your phpinfo.php - What is phpinfo.php?
* Is this a dedicated server or shared host. If it is a dedicated server, what spec is the server and what else runs on the server? If it is a shared host post a link to the hosts site the package you are on
* The Number of posts your forum has.
* The Average number of users you have online during peak time and over what time period that is over, e.g 400 users over 15 mins.
* A list of mods which you have installed
* Do you still have performance issues if you use the default theme?
* A list of the suggestions you have already implemented from the README: Checklist for performance problems as well as Twenty-four things you can do to make SMF go faster topics.


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