SMF 1.1 Release Candidate 2 is available!

Started by Grudge, December 29, 2005, 04:53:27 AM

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Simple Machines is proud to announce the release of SMF 1.1 RC2, the second (and final) release candidate for SMF 1.1, this New Years Eve.

There are numerous changes from the preceding Release Candidate 1.1 RC1 including the release of the new default "Core" theme. This theme introduces a whole new look to SMF, using tabs for the navigation making it look original and easier to translate to other languages. The previous default theme and the classic theme are still both included in this release. The old default theme has been named back to its original name "babylon" and the classic theme stays the same.

Some of the other notable changes in this release are:

  • AJAX editing

    • Edit a post without page reloads
    • Double click to edit topic subjects on message index (Need quick moderation enabled)
  • Added new search features including

    • Search within a topic
    • Search within personal messages
    • Search participation levels are now shown
    • A new feature to create a custom index for searching messages, and more.
  • Most Online Today and Most Online Ever has been added to the Info Center.

But there were also numerous bugfixes including:

  • Package manager bug was fixed.
  • Deleting empty categories bug fixed

To ensure the most optimal preformance the following changes were made:

  • Optimised the tables for holding "topic read" information
  • The search engine was rewritten to better accommodate the fulltext and custom indexes
  • Added cache support interface in admin panel where you can activate different accelerators.
  • Made it much easier to integrate SMF with other software.
  • Help files converted to template and language strings.
  • Ensured SMF is MySQL STRICT compatible.
  • The copyright text is now one line only.
  • Added a Private Messages link to the menu.

Installing/Upgrading information
Upgrading from your current version of SMF to the latest version could not be simpler, just follow the standard procedure of executing upgrade.php.  But, please remember to make a backup!!  The upgrader will upgrade any installation from YaBB SE 1.5.5 all the way up to the latest version of SMF.  You can always find information posted here about things like installation, upgrade, and more.

Users with large boards
This release has huge optimizations in the log table structure to reduce the ongoing operating load on your server. However, to achieve this saving the upgrade has a lot of work to do - which for boards with more than 75,000 posts may take quite some time. Please bear this in mind during the upgrade - try to do it at a quiet time if at all possible. In most cases, it will take up to an hour to upgrade, but it could take several. Remember, the script has timeout protection and auto resume - so just get it started and leave it to do its job. We've added progress bars to the upgrade script to help give you an indication of how things are going!

Theme Authors
There have been a few theme alterations with the arrival of the new default theme. If you are having any problems with existing themes then read the topic theme alterations in RC2.

While we are confident that there are no major problems with this release, we want to remind you that it is still not to be considered stable software. We do not recommend its use in "live" situations and if you are not comfortable with using this Release Candidate we advise you to wait until the release of the final version before using the 1.1 line.

Download SMF1.1 Release Candidate 2

Simple Machines
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Great News Just Yet in 2005.... en then suprising for public smf-forumvisitors in 2006...;)
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Could I also ask everyone who may experience any problems with this update to post about it in the support boards, and not in this topic. This will ensure we do not miss any support requests!
I'm only a half geek really...

Meow Doom

What a great way to wake up on New Years Eve! Thank you guys! SMF is the best eva!


Thanks for the new years eve present, upgrading now :)

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Thanks a lot  - upgrade finished without problems on my test site  :)



SMF is the best. :) I mean what better present could you wish for on New Year's Eve?


Quote from: nanbread on December 31, 2005, 10:55:16 AM
SMF is the best. :) I mean what better present could you wish for on New Year's Eve?

I definetly agree :) - Dare To Believe? - The Green Blitz!


Thanks a lot. This is a very nice gift in a new year. ;D

I will upgrade my forum right now:


What is a ballpark timetable for when you guys at SMF would ideally, and realistically, hope or foresee the final release of SMF 1.1, which I believe will be the next release.
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I'm only a half geek really...

Meow Doom

Quote from: Grudge on December 31, 2005, 11:22:12 AM
Some time next year... ;D

LOL!  ;D

Everything went perfectly! I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks again!



I can't wait to upgrade my test forum later tonight!


Great timing, new years eve.  Great Job guys !!!


Hi All,

Thats great news on 1.1RC2, the other thing i and a lot of people will be trying to find is the Joomla bridge 3.20, i have had a look but can not find, is this out yet???  If not when is it likely, and is there a changelog to see what extra we will get


Dan :D


great news. so upgrading instead of fireworks tonight :-)

happy new year to everyone. kudos to the SMF team, best forum ever! cheerio!


Changelog is in the download. As it's 350kB these days you may as well just download it to see it :)

I'll as Orstio about the Joomla bridge.
I'm only a half geek really...


Sorry Grudge i meant the changelog for the bridge, as last time i compared it to joomlahacks bridge it was missing some useful things which is why i used the joomlahacks one, but i would rather use Orstio's bridge as it has a one click install and he is working closer with you guys on SMF.

I have used several other forums aswell as the others and must agree that SMF is the best one, the only thing i have seen on another forum that is better than SMF is the pdf capability of i think it was IPB,otherwise they do not compare

Great Job, thanks

Dan :D