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I have a problem on my board

Started by Gobo, May 12, 2006, 05:47:38 AM

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Recently I had made a post that a certain user on my board was using multiple ID's registered under the same IP

The topic had ben dismissed with the conclusion that it could be multiple users using a network with the same IP

However events have led to this member getting banned and along side their entire army of 13 ID's in the same go.

Now a new problem arises - this person has started using an IP changer program and registering new ID's to make "seemingly innocent" attacks on the board by spamming etc.

How do I know?
They mostly write in slang and fortunately for me they arent very bright to notice that their writng method is exactly the same on their new id's including spellings.

I would like to raise this issue here on SMf hopefully people can give advice which will help me as well as other users of SMf who may encounter this problem in the future.

So please advise me on how I can prevent this sort of stuff if possible?


Require admin approval for new registrations.  That's the only thing you can do to prevent this from happening.
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can I also ask you another question?

When I was banning that person there was an option which said "IPs used in this message"

what is that? I didnt touch it incase it was the IPs of all the other people who participated in the thread - but just wanted to ask why would the additional IP addresses of thread participants appear in the banning screen for one member?