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XML export of a certain topic


Hi, i'm in the middle of doing some reorgs on my board.
Now i'd like to export a certain topic to xml.

But strangely enough, while using phpmyadmin, the export function is not available after executing my sql query, which btw looks like this:

--- Quote ---SELECT topics.ID_TOPIC, messages.posterTime, messages.subject, messages.posterName, messages.body
FROM messages INNER JOIN topics ON messages.ID_TOPIC = topics.ID_TOPIC
WHERE (((topics.ID_BOARD)=2))
ORDER BY topics.ID_TOPIC, messages.posterTime;

--- End quote ---

Anyone knows work arounds etc.?

Thanks in advance....

SMF has some XML stuff, you might like it ;).

But, it doesn't allow for a SPECIFIC topic, just like recent ones and news, etc.

For example..


Àctually I noticed I was using a somewhat older version of PhpMyAdmin. The latest version has this option built in, so trouble's gone.


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