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stand-alone... old urls...

Started by pcigre, January 09, 2006, 11:03:29 AM

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I found this in combined readme:

QuoteStand-alone:   You don't want your forum URL to change.
                           This would be if you already have a large SMF userbase, and you
                           don't want them to have to change the URL that they probably have
                           bookmarked.  In that case, make the changes in MOS_SMF.php as noted.

But i didn;t find where is that "noted". This would really means to manty people that had bards before bridging...


that comment is intended for v3.19a of the bridge and previous. v.320 doe snot use MOS-SMF.php any more...

As for what changes, they are listed with comments in MOS-SMF.php...

And no... this would NOT mean most people who had forums before bridging.  Most of the people who had forums before bridging actually insert some code that redirects people who go to the forum url TO the component URL.

However, that being said...  I have a site where people access both wrapped and unwrapped with no difficulty.
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