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Started by Pedja, January 23, 2006, 11:52:38 AM

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If you are dealing with SMF transaltion this tool mayhelp you. It will show you differences between source language file (english) and destiantion language file (language you use).

Produced by Pedja in January, 2006

This script will compare oroginal english language file with language file for
targeted language. It will show you what language items are not defined in
destination language files, so you can easily update, even if you have older

Srcipt is coded in short time and expects you to know what you are doing. It
does not write any data so it is harmful. It may break if required files are not


Place this script in root directory of your SimpleMachines Forum

Set $lang_path to point to  directory where language files
are stored. Provided value will probably match.

Set $src_lang to show source lenguage. Usually value should be "english".

Set $dst_lang to show destination language. That is language name part of language file name.

Set $src_file to source language file name of the file you want to check. For english
index file this should be "index.english.php". Check for toher files.

Run the script. It will show you long list of variables with values in source and
destination file. If value is not defined in destination file, that variable will
be presented on red background so it would be easy to spot it.

Enter new values in edit fields, and efter editing is finished, Click on submit.
New page will be presented with array define like list of values. Those which are not
defined are marked as bold. You may copy and paste text to insert in your language

By default, script uses UTF-8 encoding for strings. If you want other encoding change
Content-Type definition in document header.

I hope this would help you in SMF transaltion.


It seems I am not allowed to upload attachments here, so there is an download site:

Daniel D.

We already have such a tool since 6 months!!


It seems, my post upset you. Sorry, I could not find any, so I wrote this.

Can you post some more info about tool that is already available? Donwload link would be good, too.