Author Topic: Help me with my slow forum please.  (Read 4754 times)

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Help me with my slow forum please.
« on: January 27, 2006, 01:53:44 AM »

I am the admin for [nonactive] and as you can see from this topic [nonactive] I am having forum problems. I admit that I am not a great SMF expert nor do I have the time to figure this all out myself (training to be an EMT) so all help is appreciated. :)

Looking through the stickies about improving performance it seems that my forum would benefit from both InnoDB and eAccelerator being used. I have tried uploading status.php but it doesn't seem to be working ( [nonactive]).

I have 1095 members, 24 online today, 77300+ posts, and 4043+ topics. Running on a server with "roughly 1.7gbit max out" and a 12GHz Xeon quad proc, it is a shared server but I don't think that's the issue (I will update as soon as I can talk to the host about this).

Should I look at upgrading to SMF1.1 RC2 from SMF 1.0.5? It is faster from what I have read but is it stable enough?

This was posted by a user on the topic of speeding up the forums, in a section you have to be reg'd to see which is why I quoted it here:
I doubt its a forumware issue, most likely a host issue.

The following queries could be run:
CHECK TABLE tbl_name
It should update all the indexes and might give a speed boost.
Though those statements will lock the tables so the forums will be unusable while those processes are running.
Other than that it would take a reworking of the SQL statement to reduce table scans for quicker results (adding index's and forcing index's).

Any and all ideas/suggestions welcome. And if any of you want to signup on the forum to check load times feel free, if you make your username obviously a test name then I will delete them later to make sure you never get any emails from me. Thanks in advance!