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Insert Hyperlink vs html link

Started by pmakulski, January 29, 2006, 05:33:17 PM

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Using 1.06

The Insert hyperlink icon inserts a pair of square bracket tags. [url][/url]
This makes a link that shows only the link, and it opens in a new window.

If I code the html myself <a href="mylink">Click me</a> I get a hyperlink that doesn't show the url.  Which is prettier, in most cases, and usually what I want to do.  But it doesn't open in a new window.

But sometimes I want the link to open in a new window. To do this, I would usually type: <a href="mylink" target="New">Click me</a>
But SMF doesn't want to honour this target tag. The link morphs into mylink[/url]%22%20target=%22new

How can I get SMF to honour the complete html link.
Or, alternatively, is there a way to hide the URL under a display text?



To display a text, use this:
[url=http://theurl.com]The text[/url]
And it'll open in a new window :)


Yup, that worked.  Thanks.
(How to use the square url tag wasn't obvious, at least, not to me.)
You saved the day.  :)