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Inexplicable Page Timeouts
« on: February 01, 2006, 09:00:20 AM »
I know this is PEBCAK, I'm sure of it.

I have SMF setup and hosting a small guild forum on a Windows XP SP2 (with the TCP hack, though I'm sure that has nothing to do with it) box. Nothing fancy, it's a small forum and I have no plans for it to "grow"

I'm using the current(?) build of Apache2 (2.0.55), PHP (5.0.5), and MySQL 4.1. PHP is setup as the module (NOT in CGI mode).

My PHP info: hxxp: [nonactive]
The guild Site: [nonactive]

For some reason it's being reported as SMF 1.1, when it's actually 1.0.5, using Bloc's TinyPortal 0.75. that enough tech info? Here's my problem. The forums works great, I get good page loads on pretty much everything. None of my users are reporting any anomalies. But when I access it locally (the server is running on the very machine I'm typing this), certain pages just hang for no reason. A big problem is modifying the Permissions for the built in groups. I can click Modify on user made membergroups and boom, I'm there. But if I click Modify for say Guest, I get "waiting for profundisnex..." intil I eventually get a "Page Cannot load" error in Firefox. Nothing I do has helped, including clearing out firefox's cache.

After creating an article in TinyPortal, the page hangs when I click the green submit button.

If I switch to IE, the pages that were once a problem no longer are (in IE that is), but other wierd things crop up, like locally stored images not loading, and other pages exibit the aforementioned behavior. So of course, I've been working around this problem by using two browser to administer my forum, but I would eventually like to track down this bug.

I almost suspect it had something to do with Keep Alive, and the number of connections I'm allowing "in". But even after bumping up both SQL and Apache in number of connections, I still have the problem.

netstat doesn't appear to be reporting anything anomalous. It's simply feels like apache or SQL is dropping the connection mid way, leaving the browser hanging.

I'm stumped...please, if anyone has any more ideas I'm willing to try anything. I've got an exorcist coming on Thursday....