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Started by crazystu, May 23, 2005, 04:50:25 AM

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Quote from: Byohki on January 14, 2006, 02:30:34 PM
Psyclones: It doesn't work.. Also that crashes my skin.. :(

Right then,

In themes/default/  open Portal.english.php in a PHP editor or Wordpad.

Find $txt['portal_24'] =

my portal24 =

$txt['portal_24'] = '<a href=""><img src="" alt="Team Project" border="0"></a><br />
<a href="">ConCs R US</a><br />
<a href="">[ConC]</a><br />';

hopefully you should be able to follow this and sort it out.  the 1st link is the link with img and the 2 and 3rd are text links

hope this helps


w00t.. :D Thnx allot dude.. I now also know my mistake..
I had

$txt['portal_28'] = "text";

instead of

$txt['portal_28'] = 'text';

>:( *feels stupid..*
Check this out..!!


as long as its working, thats the main thing.


Can anyone successfully installed this mod in RC2?
I have problems in doing it in RC2. It was succussfully installed in 1.0.3.


Can anyone please indicate me a Live Demo? The one on the first post doesn't work.


is the website address of the simple portal wirter


Hi there, Trying to install simpleportal, and install is successful, however, on my homepage: [nofollow] , I get this error at the bottom:

Unknown column 'm.ID_MEMBER' in 'on clause'
File: C:\www\\www\Blocks\PortalRecentPosts.php
Line: 28

Any text editor I use won't show me line 28, so, not sure how to re write the code if needing to. 
[nofollow]    [nofollow]


Same here
tho most of the portal things works. < check it out (portal)


does an upgrade from 1.1 rc1 to 1.1.rc2 kill my simple portal?
or kann i easily upgrade my board without any problems?


u have to install it again when u update to rc2. otherwise shouldbe good.


Anyone know how to stretch out the "about" and announcement table? I've got an ugly empty space between the menu link and the about table..


err... I cant see it...