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The World is CHANGING!

Started by Amacythe, February 03, 2006, 08:52:57 PM

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Quote from: rickc on February 03, 2006, 11:01:35 PM
Quote from: eldacar on February 03, 2006, 10:56:03 PM
I think most of it is done with SSI.php ;)

& CSS... :D

obviously. that has absolutely nothing to do with the "portal" this site is using.
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An excellent update and reformat.  Bravo!  ^^
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As to the 'portal', I think it's just using the layer system of SMF.
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So glad to see the new site up and rolling. I think it looks great and much better than the old one. The modsite is much better also!  :)
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what I had been asking around has finally been answered.
Thank you, site looks great! - Nostalgia Istanbul - Jeep Projects

That's It Simple Machines Forum,
It just couldn't be simpler.

[ maCe ]

Very nice site. A huge improvement in the visual look etc, and also, from a coding point of view, good to see complete XHTML and CSS compliance on the main site :D


The site is well done, great job devs. As maCe said, it really is a visual improvement. 8)


Nice look...has anyone noticed a lot of the posted code frames are now empty?  I had a pic...but can't add attachments...



great job team. a lot of time and effort has been put into the new site, and it looks simply amazing.
thank you


Looking way better!  :o

Great job! ;)
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Its simply AWESOME..... Hats off to you.... Gr8 Work Done... Loads of Applauds... Celebration time on SMF.  8)



The front side looks nice..

Keep up the good work :D


Looks good, but with the new theme I keep getting ActiveX warnings on every page. After switching back to the YabbSE Classic Theme, the warnings are gone...

The One

Great job folks. Looks cool  8)
And I was just gonna suggest that you organize the mods page better.
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I'm probably going appear unfashionable, but I've never been a fan of fixed width (centralised content) sites. What's the point of having a high-res monitor when a third of the screen width is just colour filled?


AT LAST!!! Perfectly theme in this forum!!! Beautiful...
I first thought SMF 1.1 Final, but not yet, hihihi...;)

Great work!
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It's beautiful! :D The team has done a great job on this, congratulations! The new mod site is a huge improvement too, I'm loving it! :D

One suggestion though: woudn't it be better to use the default theme's welcome text next to the user's avatar too? The current one seems empty to me, lots of whitespace.
* Aäron shrinks the header. ;)

I'm really loving it, great job guys! :D I can't say it enough times, lol. :P


We're using the layers system from SMF, so no CMS at all.

Thanks for all the kind words.

As to the ActiveX warnings, those are most likely from the AJAX. Unfortunatly IE doesn't know AJAX's aorta: XmlHttpRequest and those need to go through ActiveX for that "browser". If you would switch to Firefox, or add to your trusted sites in IE those warnings will disappear...

To prevent the lay-out from braking up in High Resolutions we needed to use a fixed width, sorry about that. But I guess we can't please everyone...